Why ChipWhisperer?

This training comes from the people behind the first complete open-source toolchain for side-channel power analysis.

ChipWhisperer was started by Colin O'Flynn (yours truly) to bring side-channel power analysis and fault injection knowledge to everyone. This was the first open-source platform including hardware and software that you could widely purchase (or even build yourself). This training uses ChipWhisperer to teach you both theory and application, and supporting it helps fund open-source resources that benefit the wider community.

Updates Coming Summer 2021!

We're still in progress, so you might notice some missing course descriptions. We haven't released all our courses yet, so sign up below to receive course updates and new releases.


Courses do not require hardware to complete the majority of the labs. However, the student experience is significantly improved with any of the "hardware options", as it allows you to change and recompile the firmware. See specific courses for recommended hardware options.

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